iCIMS Announces Record Breaking 1st Quarter With More Than 50 New Customer Signings…from iCIMS


Software-as-a-Service Provider Secures Position as One of the Top Three Providers of Talent Acquisition Solutions and Narrows the Gap Between Industry Runner-Up Kenexa


HRchitect featured iCIMS in our May 2008 release of The Suite Life of Integrated Talent Management and also includes them in our list of top Talent Acquisition Systems vendors that businesses should consider. iCIMS competed in the HRchitect Beauty Pageant on Talent Acquisition Systems in November 2008 and mid-market Talent Acquisition Systems in January 2009, where they were crowned the winner of each. Representatives from iCIMS also participated in the HRchitect WebMingle in December 2008.


iCIMS, the third-largest provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions, announced today record breaking first quarter numbers with more than 50 new customer signings, adding such organizations as H&R Block (NYSE: HRB), QinetiQ North America, Universal Protection Services, Spectrum Healthcare Resources, Feed the Children and NATCO (NYSE:NTG) to the company’s rapidly growing client base.

This first quarter of 2009 proved to be a trying time for many talent acquisition solution vendors; however, while competitors remained stagnant and were even forced to layoff, iCIMS rose to the occasion reflecting the viability of both the software offerings and the company. To date, iCIMS has grown at an unprecedented rate and projects record breaking numbers for the remainder of 2009. iCIMS is currently recognized as one of the top three providers of talent acquisition solutions behind Taleo (NASDAQ: TLEO) and Kenexa (NASDAQ: KNXA) and the leading private provider in the industry. Kicking off the fiscal year with this degree of first quarter momentum puts iCIMS on track to rapidly narrow its gap behind industry runner-up Kenexa.

iCIMS’ Talent Platform has differentiated itself from competing vendors this past quarter and ascended as an industry leader; this expedited rise to the top largely attributed to the Talent Platform’s cost-effectiveness, overall flexibility and award-winning customer support. In today’s economic market organizations are seeking to invest in highly configurable software that is powerful enough to meet their talent management needs today, yet flexible enough to expand and meet their evolving organizational needs in the future, and because of this iCIMS’ Talent Platform has stood out above the rest. Furthermore, as the highly configurable Talent Platform became Mac and multi-browser compatible in Q1, clients were afforded even greater flexibility with iCIMS’ software offerings. Additionally, as opposed to other talent management systems requiring costly modules, add-ons, and data integrations, the iCIMS Talent Platform operates on one single-source solution. This one-stop Talent Management solution eliminates the mounting expenses associated with maintaining and training users on multiple systems, providing a cost-effective option for customers.

The new client additions join more than 700 worldwide organizations who currently power their talent management initiatives using the iCIMS Talent Platform. Thus far, 2009 has shown an increasing number of small and mid-sized organizations turning to iCIMS’ Talent Platform as a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool to manage their pre- and post-hire Talent Management programs. This one-stop solution allows SMB clients to use iCIMS as their HRIS system of reference while taking advantage of such pre and post-hire tools as onboarding, performance management, employee management, surveys, referral programs and more. Additionally, the company continues to see strength as a replacement Applicant Tracking System at the enterprise level. Many of iCIMS’ clients, such as H&R Block, SWS Group (NYSE:SWS), 2Wire and more, have migrated from starter systems to the Talent Platform. These companies rely on iCIMS’ unified platform to streamline their hiring management programs and to provide the collaborative tools necessary to succeed in today’s business environment.

“As a company, we take great pride in announcing our numbers for this first fiscal quarter.” said Colin Day, President and CEO of iCIMS. “These numbers truly reflect the strength and longevity of iCIMS’ Talent Platform. With more than 50 new customers in Q1, and now over 700 clients on the Talent Platform, iCIMS is on track to not only maintain, but surpass, our position as the third largest provider of talent acquisition solutions in the industry.”

For more information on iCIMS, please visit www.icims.com

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

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