HR in the Cloud™ Offers Unified SaaS Solutions to the HR Industry…from HR in the Cloud

October 1, 2011


If you are looking for a new Talent Management System, or any HR system, don’t rely solely on “recommendations” or published reports. Do yourself a huge favor and talk to HRchitect first. After 14 years, HRchitect has unparalleled knowledge of the HR and Talent Management vendor community and can save you time and money in selection and implementation. Simply put, do not invest in any kind of HR technology without consulting with the experts first. HRchitect is always available to help!


Four industry-leading HR technology vendors have joined forces to satisfy the growing demand for powerful, affordable, and complete HR software as a service (SaaS) solutions. HR in the Cloud™  combines the best-of-breed software of myStaffingPro, BambooHR, CRG emPerform, and Strategia Ed.

Capitalizing on the success of their individual solutions, the four companies have collaborated to create HR in the Cloud, a groundbreaking collaboration of unified SaaS solutions that integrates applicant tracking, human resource information system (HRIS), performance management, and learning and compliance management.   Together the products will provide a streamlined process from recruitment through the entire employee life cycle.   This groundbreaking venture stemmed from the need for affordable HR software that can deliver rich functionality and proven results as opposed to thinner offerings that lack specialization.

Today’s business landscape is more fierce and competitive than ever. In order to survive and thrive, companies of all sizes must find cost-effective ways to manage and optimize business processes. SaaS solutions are an attractive option as they allow even the smallest of companies to implement crucial technologies. SaaS solutions offer speedy deployment, affordability, controlled risk, reduced I.T. burden, flexibility and most importantly, accessibility.  Employees are often the largest organizational expense. HR in the Cloud’s Unified SaaS solutions allow organizations to optimize this investment.

The life cycle begins with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system.  myStaffingPro provides the technology to recruit, qualify, track and hire applicants.

“HR in the Cloud joins myStaffingPro with the best-in-class HRIS, performance management, and learning and compliance management systems.  The partnership joins four of the strongest solution specialists into a unified talent management suite,” stated CEO at myStaffingPro Bob Schulte.

Once hired, the employee data is exported into the HRIS system, BambooHR.  BambooHR features employee data management, as well as PTO, benefit, and training tracking.

“HR in the Cloud addresses HR needs throughout the employee life cycle. Bamboo HR’s superior service, security, and flexibility is now enhanced through its relationship with myStaffingPro, emPerfom, and Strategia which shares these high standards,” added BambooHR CEO Ben Peterson.

The final phase, aligning and developing employees, is accomplished with emPerform’s robust employee performance management suite and Strategia’s learning and compliance management system.  emPerform comes standard with vital performance management tools such as automated appraisals, succession planning, compensation management, goal alignment, 360 multi-rater reviews, and reporting functionality.  Strategia offers the Ed Learning System™ which provides a global platform to plan, deliver, track and manage an organization’s formal and informal learning activities, compliance, competencies and certification programs as well as to create and deliver content through one or multiple portals including eCommerce gateways.

“HR in the Cloud is a talent management suite at its finest.  Rather than merging and acquiring countless systems, HR in the Cloud connects four best-in-class specialist solutions.  The result is a talent management super horse that still has a complete development and support team,” added Schulte.

HR in the Cloud provides a complete end-to-end recruiting and talent management platform to enable businesses to effectively attract, recruit, align, reward, train, and retain top talent.   To learn more about HR in the Cloud, please visit



Matt Lafata, HRchitect

myStaffingPro Improves the Phone Interview Process with an Integrated Guide…from myStaffingPro

May 20, 2009


If you are looking for a new Talent Acquisition System, or any HR or Talent Management system, talk to HRchitect first. We have unparalleled knowledge of the HR and Talent Management vendor community and can save you time and money in selection and implementation.

myStaffingPro, a leading applicant tracking system, has expanded upon their current product offering with the introduction of the phone interview guide module.  The module enables interviewers to administer phone interviews directly from myStaffingPro

Product developer Jim Stover commented, “The market demanded a paperless phone interview solution for companies of all sizes; and myStaffingPro accepted the challenge to provide one.”

myStaffingPro has been delivering custom phone interview guides to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) companies for nearly 10 years.  The product development team combined all of their experience and knowledge to create a user-friendly phone interview process that can be implemented for any company.  Stover added, “Always ahead of the technological curve, our development team has used the latest technology to provide an exciting solution.”

The administrative interface features a phone interview setup screen where administrators can configure the phone interview script.  Once implemented, interviewers have 24/7 access to launch, administer, and record the applicant’s responses to the phone interview questions.  The integrated interview guide provides a smooth phone interview process that promotes consistency. 

For additional information on myStaffingPro’s Phone Interview Guides, contact Julia Friemering at 800-939-2462 or visit

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

TalentDrive and myStaffingPro Announce Recruitment Technology Partnership…from myStaffingPro

April 22, 2009


Sean Bisceglia, CEO from TalentDrive will be participating in the HRchitect WebMingle on April 24, 2009.


TalentDrive, the creator of the innovative SaaS recruitment technology, TalentFilterSM, announced today a partnership with myStaffingPro, one of the fastest and comprehensible “hosted” ATS solutions available.  This partnership combines the strength of TalentFilter’s advanced sourcing and matching technology with the full-featured applicant tracking and recruiting system of myStaffingPro, offering users access to thousands of applicants everyday, 24/7.


This partnership brings users a seamlessly integrated, recruitment technology solution that offers advanced resume sourcing, precise matching and organized applicant tracking, all from one unified location.  myStaffingPro’s 32,000 users will now be able to enter a job description and run a search of over 11,000 online job board locations, social media sites, and niche resume portals, pulling results according to the job posting requisition.  myStaffingPro’s robust database in combination with TalentFilter’s advanced searching capabilities, provides recruiters the strongest recruitment technology on the market.  By joining forces, TalentDrive and myStaffingPro offer recruiters a solution that helps find quality candidates to fill their open positions quicker and more effectively.


“We are excited by the opportunity to partner with a leading ATS such as myStaffingPro.  A partnership with a strong ATS is a perfect fit in our eyes, providing recruiters a comprehensive tool that helps face the issue of sifting through the current glut of resumes online to find high quality candidates.  Our goal is always to bring the most efficient solution to our clients, cutting unnecessary steps from the recruiting process—this partnership exemplifies this initiative,” said Sean Bisceglia, CEO TalentDrive.


“As an ATS provider, the opportunity to integrate an advanced search capability to our system, allowing our clients to continually grow their database, was an obvious decision.  This partnership allows our users a unified tool that truly cuts the fat out of the recruitment process and improves overall efficiency. We are pleased to be joining forces with a fellow recruitment technology and are anxious to see the benefits our clients will experience,” said Bob Schulte, CEO myStaffingPro.


For more information on TalentDrive, please visit For more information on myStaffingPro, please visit

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

HR Services, Inc. Relocates to New Building…from HR Services, Inc.

April 8, 2009


HR Services, Inc. is pleased to announce their move to a new office at 675 West Market Street, Lima, Ohio 45801. The newly renovated 17,000 square foot building will provide HR Services with 3 times the space they previously occupied, and offers prime office space for lease on the main floor.

For HR Services, a software company providing applicant tracking technology, the new office space means room for growth, improved client service, and new amenities for employees. “The new floor plan will provide greater efficiency in how we serve clients. As we started to outgrow our current office, departments became dispersed; we are now able to position our entire client services department in the same area of the new building. We expect this to improve internal and external communication, and most importantly our speed in responding to clients’ questions,” said President, Robert Schulte.

“We were fortunate to find such a nice space so close to our current office. Our new location and enhanced operational efficiencies will help us continue to grow and evolve to keep pace with our clients’ needs. We are looking forward to enjoying our new offices,” said Ruth Ann Stover, HR Services Director of Sales and Marketing.

The new address of HR Services, Inc. is:
675 West Market Street
Lima, Ohio 45801

All of HR Services’ phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses will remain the same.


For more information on HR Services, Inc., please visit

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

myStaffingPro Releases Version 2.9 of Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration…from myStaffingPro

March 2, 2009


HRchitect includes myStaffingPro in our list of top Talent Acquisition Systems vendors that businesses should consider.


myStaffingPro announces version 2.9 of its popular Microsoft Dynamics GP integration.  “We’ve listened to our users and applied new features based on their direct feedback,” said Chief Information Officer Jennifer Brogee. 


New features in the 2.9 version include the ability to choose when and if to export a requisition and its corresponding applicants to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Additionally, a new section has been added to the requisition screen in myStaffingPro listing the integration status, the date/time the requisition was exported, and other custom fields specific to the integration.


System architect Tony Calvelage said, “The newly added Dynamics GP section on the Requisition Management screen enables users to monitor the progress of their integration.  They will also have immediate access to maintaining important integration-related data.”


Since the Microsoft Dynamics GP integration was released in 2008, it has become one of myStaffingPro’s most popular integration add-ons.   “Customers are thrilled with the ease of the integration of applicant data from myStaffingPro to Microsoft Dynamics GP,” said Director of Sales, Ruth Ann Stover.


For more information on myStaffingPro, please visit

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

myStaffingPro Optimizes Client Career Portals…from HR Services, Inc.

February 5, 2009


myStaffingPro, a leader in applicant tracking, announces the release of optimized career portals for customers. Under the guidance of search engine optimization expert Joel Cheesman of Cheezhead, myStaffingPro’s redesign will offer career portal templates that adhere to search engine optimization best practices.

HRSEO expert Joel Cheesman of said, “It’s refreshing to see an applicant tracking solution implement some basic SEO principles into its service. It should benefit their clients in numerous ways, including driving relevant candidate flow in a cost-efficient manner.”

The enhancements include a search engine-friendly list of openings, “alt” tags for all images, and the ability to track visitors with Google Analytics.

The optimized career portals enable search engines to crawl the site and index the openings. Once indexed, potential applicants can then search for a client’s job openings through a search engine. To maximize exposure, myStaffingPro creates the client’s job opening list with filters by position title, location, and category. Career Portal optimization improves the client’s online visibility by listing openings in the engine’s search results.

Customers can track their SEO success with Google Analytics and measure traffic sources, and the percentage of visitors who apply for a position. With these tools, customers of myStaffingPro can benefit from the new recruiting strategies that are available with SEO and social networking. The career portal enhancements enable clients to expand their recruiting opportunities from paid job boards to search engines, job aggregators and social networks.


For more information on myStaffingPro, please visit

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

myStaffingPro Recertified by HR-XML Consortium…from HR Services, Inc.

December 23, 2008


The HR-XML Consortium has recertified applicant tracking system provider HR Services Inc. for conforming to the Consortium’s open data exchange standards for myStaffingPro®, its applicant tracking system.

Conformance to the standards promotes smoother system integrations between myStaffingPro and other human resources-related software. Entirely web-based, myStaffingPro provides HR professionals with the tools that they need to recruit, qualify, track, and hire the best applicants. The system requires no additional software, server installation or maintenance.

Renewal of the HR-XML certification proves that myStaffingPro applicant tracking system can be easily integrated with other systems.


For more information on myStaffingPro, please visit

Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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