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As of this writing, Dizzy Win has been discontinued and is now a part of the Win Tingo Casino. The following review has been provided only for the purpose of providing information.

Dizzy Win is the type of online casino that is intended, at the very least in part, to raise a few eyebrows. It is cartoonish, funny, and infantile, and it seems to have been at least somewhat inspired by the PlayStation classic Spyro the Dragon, which was released in the 1990s. You could be wondering precisely why, so we will tell you now in case that is the case.

To begin, in order to participate in gambling activities of any kind, whether they are conducted online or in physical casinos, one must be at least 21 years old. On the other side, this one is welcoming to the point that it raises questions about the target audience for the product. But I think you’re being a bit too critical and hasty with that statement. In this case, let’s just say that the reason Dizzy Win is causing people to raise their eyebrows is because it’s basically just another online casino that is trying to create a fun-filled and zany world for people to step into. In other words, let’s just say that Dizzy Win is the reason people are raising their eyebrows. The difficulty is that all we want to do is place some bets and play some games, but we can’t seem to find a solution.

Now that I’ve vented my frustrations, and apologized for how long it went on for, I’d like to go on to the real review. When compared to the majority of websites that we are used to interacting with, it is quite evident that this particular one is a great deal more recent. To begin, the imager itself was conceived during an animated adventure in the manner of Pixar. It is spotless, modern, devoid of any polygons whatsoever, and was very probably made in the most recent handful of years. So far, so good.

There is also a significant emphasis placed on getting people to play this on their mobile devices. The request to switch to a mobile device, which includes a list of all of the platforms they are providing, is the most prominent feature of the landing page, other than the dragon in sunglasses with a seductive grin. The dragon is the most prominent feature of the landing page.

This allows you to play on mobile devices running Android and iOS, as well as tablets and, well, BlackBerries. So, let’s say that we’ve reached the point where we can begin to evaluate a correct birth date. BlackBerrys, the world’s first office-in-your-pocket smartphones, are still in use by a very small percentage of the population. Everyone around here had one, and it was difficult to give up the full QWERTY keyboard; in many respects, we still miss it in a world where misspelling is commonplace due to the limitations of touch screens. They were wonderful; don’t get us wrong about that. But the times have to change, and it’s revealing that Dizzy Win is still promoting their BB support that they are doing so.

Enough with the BlackBerry jokes now!

Yes, I’m sorry, but that was getting a little out of hand; but, such is the price one must pay to experience the power of nostalgia. To summarize, this is a site that was updated not too long ago, yet it still manages to seem quite modern and professional. After proving my point, let’s go on to the main event.

The landing page itself does not have any menus that are easily discernible, which may be disorienting for those who are used to the more conventional layout of online casinos. You may, however, access a comprehensive menu by clicking on the four horizontal lines that are located in the upper left corner of the screen. This menu includes everything that you need. This by itself is a very cutting-edge method for website design, and it helps to maintain an orderly and well-organized homepage as a result.

The very first option in the menu is labeled “Mobile Games,” which provides further evidence that attracting players via mobile platforms should be the top priority from the point of view of both the site’s owner and the individuals responsible for its creation. This is a pretty astute move to make in light of the meteoric increase in mobile technology that has occurred over the last several years. Although the great majority of reputable online casinos provide decent mobile assistance, the focus here is squarely on mobile gaming, and that should be the case in most situations involving online casinos. And it is a really encouraging indicator.

Is There Anything Else That We Should Know?

Indeed, quite a few, but should we get right to the point? Dizzy Win not only offers some of the best games available, but they also have some promos and discounts that are sure to pique your interest. The primary offer is for new customers who join up; if you do so, you will be eligible to get a shopping match of one hundred percent on your first deposit. In no way deplorable.

The second one will offer you a match of 25 percent, up to a maximum of 50 pounds. The third offer is for fifty percent of the first two hundred pounds. Naturally, the goal is to keep you engaged in the game for as long as possible, and this is undeniably an efficient method of achieving that goal. In addition to this, there is a high-quality loyalty program that can be joined, which provides you with recurring incentives for doing nothing more than continuing to play. Not to be confused with the VIP offering, which requires you to meet certain criteria in order to join and provides you with your very own host, contact center, distinct cashback offers, event invitation, special tournaments, prizes, and more.

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