Slot Overview: Wicked Kitty

If you’re a cat person, you know that every cat has a nasty side. I mean, in a cutely naughty fashion. You’ve got to adore the cuteness: batting paper with their little paws, chasing bits of thread, and sneaking little presents for their owners under the sofa when they aren’t yet toilet trained. Wicked Kitty is a celebration of the lovely, cuddly critters in a game packed with features, and it was created by game provider Fantasma Games to convey its affection for the furry little felines.

It took some time to fully understand the situation on TV. It’s possible that if we discuss this, we’ll both get some insight. A gaming matrix with a 3-row active area, 3-rows of blocker symbols, and a multiplier ladder on the side is displayed in the screen’s center. More cats sit on the edge of the board, watching intently as though they are waiting for their owner to shovel kibble into their dinner dish. The grid is surrounded by an enigmatic blue glow, which may be symbolic of something mystical (like the power of owning a cat).

Wicked Kitty has a powerful feline nature but lackluster statistics. The low return to player percentage of 94.6% sticks out among slots developed by Fantasma Games, and not in a good way. Meanwhile, volatility is significant, and players may choose a stake from a range that begins at 20 percent and goes up to £/€50 each spin. There are 243 chances to win while playing on the basic configuration of Wicked Kitty’s game grid, which consists of 5 reels and 3 rows of active symbols high.

On this matrix, winning combinations range from three to five of a kind and always begin in the upper left corner. The game has 10 different pay symbols: five different colored potion bottles (low-pay) and five different colored kittens (high-pay). If you get a winning combination of 5 cards, you’ll get paid out at a rate of 0.50 to 0.75 times your wager on the low-pay potions and 1 to 4 times your wager on the kitty premiums. Finally, on the middle three reels, you’ll find both the standard wild and the Kitty Wild icon. Wild symbols can be used in place of any regular pay symbol for determining winning combinations.

Slot Features in “Wicked Kitty”

With the Wicked Respin, Super Respin, Wicked Multiplier, Mystery feature, Kitty Blocker, free spins, and purchase free spins, Wicked Kitty’s list of features is pretty wide.

An Evil Reversal

The Wicked Repsin feature kicks in whenever a victory has at least one Kitty Wild. Three random blocking symbols are eliminated after winners are calculated, and a new spin is given. Until no more Kitty Wilds are used in a winning combination or the Super Respin is triggered, the Wicked Respin feature will remain in effect.

Extreme Reversal

The Super Respin is granted once all Blocker Symbols have been eliminated. With all unlocks in place and the Wicked Multiplier at its maximum, players are awarded two respins.

Negative Multiplier

Once a full row of blockers has been eliminated, the Wicked Multiplier will be triggered. When a whole row of obstructions is cleared, the multiplier rises by 1. The levels are x2, x3, and x5 in the main game, and x3, x5, and x10 in the free spins bonus round. The bonus is applied to each and every victory.

Unknown Attribute

There is a chance that Mystery Pattern or Mystery Kitty will activate at the beginning of any spin thanks to the Mystery function.

The Mystery Pattern feature involves strategically placing 1 Kitty Wild and 5 of the same pay symbols around the gaming board.

During Mystery Kitty, the reels will be populated with a predetermined quantity of Kitty Wild and Kitty Blocker symbols.

Only the Mystery option will allow a Kitty Blocker to be seen. Following the elimination of a Kitty Blocker symbol by a Kitty Wild, a Kitty Wild will be added to the following respin.

No Risk Turns

Free games are triggered when you get three of the key symbols in the main game. Each bonus symbol that appears during free spins adds an additional free spin, up to a maximum of 15 more. By the book, the bonus round contains no information that isn’t already available in the main game.

Pay for Extra Spins

For 65 times the wager, players can purchase Wicked Kitty’s free spins feature. This initiates a spin that has a 94.6% RTP and is guaranteed to trigger free spins.

Bad Kitty’s Gambling Conviction

Fantasma Games is known for building immersive virtual environments where gamers may lose themselves for a time and try their luck. These video game universes may be… distinctive? Therefore, it’s possible that fewer people will be able to appreciate their attractions than if the studio had gone with a less original topic, such as fruit or mythology. Twisted Turbine, Fortune Llama, and Desert Shark are just a few instances of such out-of-the-box thinking from the past. Not a huge market. This might make Wicked Kitty more appealing to gamblers who already consider themselves cat people, while also making it more difficult for others who aren’t fond of cats to take the game seriously. However, we had just reviewed Purrfect Potions by Reflex Gaming, which is something similar, so perhaps there is a growing interest for this type of stuff.

Even if Fantasma Games hasn’t stooped as low as their rival studio, ELK Studios, here’s hoping that their latest release, Wicked Kitty, doesn’t make it seem like they’re all racing to the bottom. If cats are awesome and the RTP is no sweat, then what is there to appreciate about Wicked Kitty? One of the many elements that will keep players on their toes is the ability to smash blocker symbols, which will allow for the release of additional symbols, ways, and the Kitty Multiplier. If you can start a snowball effect and ride it to its conclusion, your chances of winning increase to 4,544 times your initial wager.

Fantasma is well-versed in creating games with ever more impressive climaxes. Cloud Corsair is an individual who took this strategy. It’s odd, though, that the free spin bonus round in Wicked Kitty doesn’t feature anything extra. Even if there is no final conclusion, the game’s premise, average statistics, and a plethora of other aspects will likely make up for it.

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